Carmelite Conversations

Work: The Road to Holiness, with Tim Bete, OCDS

July 2, 2022

Have you  ever thought about your work as a road to holiness?  Discalced Carmelite Secular Tim Bete often struggled to understand the relationship between faith and work.  In this presentation, Tim references the teachings of Br. Lawrence of the Resurrection to explain how we can see our work as a place to encounter God.  He also pulls from Church documents, scripture, and the lives of other Carmelite Saints, to discover the meaning of our work.  We do well to ask ourselves how our work unites us with God.  That is addressed in this presentation.  Tim also provides a real life example that has played out in his own life and work.  Finally, he gives us 4 Keys to help us truly surrender to God and find real success in our work, the work of union with God.




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