Carmelite Conversations

The Role of Mary

August 12, 2013

What is the role of Mary, the Mother of God, in helping to form us in our interior life. This is a question so central to Catholic teaching and the spiritual life, but yet there is still relatively little instruction on just how we can work with the Blessed Mother to assist us and help us along our journey. In this conversation, Mark and Frances explore the writings of the famous Dominican, Fr. Garrigou Lagrange, and his wonderful work on the role of Mary in our interior life. This conversation explores Mary’s earthly life and the model that her life presents, through the mysteries of the rosary, of how we too might respond to God’s call to become Christ bearers. Mark and Frances explore Mary’s unique role at the Incarnation, her role as mediator, her participation in Christ’s passion and her significant role in God’s plan of salvation. The conversation also explores how Mary, through her own merits, is able to assist each of us personally, in coming to understand and fulfill God’s unique plan for our lives.

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