Carmelite Conversations

Tammy Jetton

August 26, 2013

In this particular program Frances invites Tammy Jetton to discuss Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified. Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified was noted for her exceptional humility, simplicity and candor as well as her intense devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit, and great love for the Church and the Pope. She encountered and overcame many obstacles and adversities in her life. She was a child of Galilee, Palestine and raised in the Melkite Greek-Catholic Rite. Orphaned at age 3 and living on her own by age 13, she trusted in God and responded favorably to the Holy Spirit throughout her life. She had an extraordinary life and was a mystic and victim soul gifted with numerous supernatural charisms: ecstasies, locutions, levitations, stigmata, bilocation, prophecy and more. She reveals and affirms the transcendence of the Love of God, the activity of the Holy Spirit in the Church, and the reality of the supernatural world. By her example, we can deepen our own faith and gain contemplative insight into the value of the daily trials and crosses we bear in life in growing in union with God. Let us invoke her for peace in the Holy Land.

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