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Part 3: Courage in the Face of Opposition: What the Carmelites Can Teach Us About Living Counter-culturally

May 6, 2021
3rd in the Series:  featuring St. Maria Maravillas of Jesus, OCD (1891-1974)

During the life of St. Maria Maravillas, a Discalced Carmelite nun and foundress, Spain was going through much upheaval.  Religious persecution increased daily. 

In this conversation, you will learn how St. Maria Maravillas displayed courage in the face of opposition, even face to face opposition!  The revolutionaries were a constant threat.  What was this Saint’s response?  What was her “martyrdom of heart?”

You’ll also learn of a “Cinderella” moment she had that is quite an amusing story and connection with Holy Mother Teresa (St. Teresa of Avila).


RESOURCES on Saint Maria Maravillas:

“Following the Path of Divine Love”

By the Discalced Carmelites of Cerro de los Ageles and La Aldehuela, Spain

Published by the Carmel International Publishing House in Kerala, India

This is the website to the convent near Cerro de los Ángeles. This is the convent from which she was first arrested during the Spanish Civil War; this is the one she rebuilt after it had been destroyed after being occupied by both sides at various times throughout the war. ~


Sainteté au Carmel: Vie et message de Mère Maravillas de Jésus

By the Carmel at the Cerro de los Ángeles

Éditions du Carmel

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