Carmelite Conversations

Docility to the Holy Spirit.

May 9, 2016

In this second of a two part series on the Holy Spirit, Mark and Frances speak about the work of the Holy Spirit in our individual souls. After providing a brief list of the names given to the Holy Spirit, the conversation moves to a deeper exploration of role of the Holy Spirit in the work of our sanctification. As the Church teaches this all a work of Grace, so Mark and Frances take the time to describe the two elements of Grace and how they each play a unique role in our sanctification. After describing the more Theological aspects of the working of Grace, they go on to provide a detailed explanation of the more practical aspects of Grace and how individual souls might go about securing Grace for themselves. The single greatest source of Grace of course are the Sacraments of the Church, but not all receive the Sacraments to the same degree, or with the same degree of preparation, and therefore not everyone receives the same amount of Grace, even though they may attend the same Mass. The conversation also explore the important role of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and the Trinity. Here Mark and Frances investigate how we each soul might best prepare ourselves to cooperate with this work of the Trinity, this is most especially done through prayer.

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