Carmelite Conversations

Mary Pyper

September 13, 2013

Mark welcomes Mary Pyper, Treasurer for Radio Maria US, into the studio to discuss some recent work she has been doing around a school of Evangelization and the role of Mary in the work of Evangelization. Acknowledging Mary’s role in both bringing our Lord into the world, and in being the one who initiated His public ministry at the wedding in Cana, this conversations centers around the role of Mary in helping us develop our interior life. It is this very interior life and intimate relationship with the Lord that then allows us to carry on the great commission of spreading the Gospel. For many of us, the work of Evangelization and spreading the Gospel message may be the simple presence we offer to those in need or those who need to witness a person who lives with Hope. In order to be that person for others, we must draw from a well of deep prayer and an interior understanding of how God is working in our life. The best example of this from scripture is the Blessed Mother’s visit to her cousin Elizabeth. Here we see that the fruit of Mary’s rich prayer life, and her role as Christ Bearer is easily recognized by her cousin. In our lives we are also called on to be bearers of Christ, and Evangelizers of the message of hope. In this effort, the Blessed Mother serves as both our model and our and our guide.

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