Carmelite Conversations

Litany of Flights, a conversation with poet Laura Reece Hogan, with Tim Bete, OCDS

March 16, 2021

Laura Reece Hogan is a is a professed Third Order Carmelite and the award-winning author of the chapbook O Garden-Dweller and a book of spiritual theology, I Live, No Longer I. Laura earned a law degree from the University of California, Los Angeles School of Law, and an Masters in Theology from St. John’s Seminary in California. She is also a poet and her poems can be found in America, First Things, The Christian Century, Dappled Things, and Whale Road Review, among other publications.

Laura is winner of the 2020 Paraclete Poetry Prize for her poetry collection titled Litany of Flights. The book remind us to behold the extraordinary in the ordinary, and that the secret workings of the divine occur even through the difficult.

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