Carmelite Conversations

Pondering the Epiphany

January 4, 2016
In this first week of January in the year 2016 we will again celebrate the Epiphany of our Lord. This is a celebration rich with Meaning for our individual spiritual lives, and it is important to understand some of the major symbols of this event, and also for us to each enter into a personal reflection of what the Epiphany means for us. In this conversation Mark and Frances begin by exploring some of more significant meanings around the Church's understanding of Epiphany, including Divine Manifestation, Royal Kingship, The Light that Comes into the World, and finally, the Royal Nuptials, or the analogy to the Wedding Celebration. During the second half of the program, Mark and Frances walk the listener through an actual Lectio Divina on the Epiphany, taken from the verses describing this in Matthew 2:1-9. This is a wonderful opportunity to prepare for Epiphany, or to reflect, at any time of year, on the meaning of the Lord's revealing of Himself to our world - a world so desperately in need of this encounter with our Living God.

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