Carmelite Conversations

Frances turns the mike on Mark

November 4, 2013

During this spirited conversation, France turns the mike on Mark and interviews him about his recent pilgrimage to Spain. While there Mark was able to visit many of the most important sites associated with the Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross’ Reform of the Carmelite Order. He began the trip in Avila where the pilgrims spent most of the 11 days. While there they also traveled to Alba de Tomas where St. Teresa is buried, and Segovia where St. John’s tomb is located. They also visited the birth place of John and the location for the original Friar foundation in Durelo. Finally, they got to visit and stay in the famous city of Toledo, where Mark share a special moment he had at the Carmel in Toldeo. If you have been to Spain before, of even if you have not, you will enjoy listening to this colorful conversation about the most important locations for the beginning of the the ‘Reformed,’ Discalced Carmelite Order.

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