Carmelite Conversations

Consummation of Love: From the Depths to the Heights

August 20, 2019

Continuing with the series on the life of the Discalced Carmelite mystic, St. Teresa Margaret Redi of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, this program delves into the depths of aridity that caused this Saint to view her religious duties and devotions with repugnance; yet, because of her insatiable desire to love God, she obediently continues with the utmost charity for the other nuns, who never had any inkling of the depths of aridity, darkness, and coldness the Lord permitted her to go through.  There are many counsels given to her that will help other souls experiencing the trials of the Dark Night of the Spirit.  Her offer to be a victim soul was accepted by Heaven and she was intensely tested.  St. Teresa Margaret courageously went forth in a pure faith, a dark faith, an arid faith.  In the end, she died of love as the force of her love burst through the veil separating her from the one she loved with all her heart, mind, body and strength.  As she glorified the Lord on earth, so the Lord glorified His faithful servant in Heaven.  Many prodigies occurred at her death and afterwards.  Her body still lies incorrupt in Florence, Italy today. Up to the very end, she lived the hidden life in imitation of Jesus, and now, the Lord is bringing her to the fore for us as an example of a pure soul who battled bravely and was purified to an eminent degree.

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