Carmelite Conversations

Active Contemplatives

August 5, 2013

Carmelites are called to be ‘active contemplatives,’ but what does this mean? Have you ever wondered how to go about striking the right balance between prayer and the active life. In fairness, most of us have difficulty finding enough time in our busy lives for a sufficient amount of prayer. But the active life referred to in this particular conversation is the life of virtue, the life of charity. During this informative and helpful conversation, Mark welcomes Deacon Rusty Baldwin to the studio to discuss the importance of all Christians maintaining an active apostolate, or an individual ministry of service to others. Indeed, St. Teresa of Avila herself said it is permissible to leave the activity of prayer for only one purpose, and that is to do an act of charity for another. Even the Carmelite Rule directs the members of Carmel to stay in prayer, unless otherwise justly occupied. This just occupation is the work of charity, which includes certainly the fulfillment of the responsibilities of our station in life, but also some form of ministry. This conversation will explore those opportunities, while at the same time helping us to understand how we can still maintain a state of prayer even in the midst of the active life.

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